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Convictional Accounts Overview

A brief overview of how user and company accounts work in Convictional.

Convictional currently has 2 types of company accounts: Seller and Buyers. As the name suggests the accounts restrict and dictate what role this company will play in B2B relationships and transactions. Sellers create products, assign prices to products and partners, and fulfill or cancel orders. Buyers can retrieve seller products, create validation rules, and create or cancel orders. Everyone also has the ability to invite new partners.


Detailed Account Actions and Abilities

For more information on what each company account type has access to please refer to our main API documentation at

Test and Development Accounts

We recommend the creation of dedicated staging, test and/or development company accounts to keep data clean and stable. These company accounts should still be created using the regular signup flow in the main Convictional app found. Refer to our Signup Guide for more information!


Account Emails

Currently there is a direct 1 to 1 relationship between a user account and a company account.

You cannot have two accounts with the same email address!

Most major email providers offer some version of email aliases. You can use these to create different Convictional accounts without needing multiple email inboxes.

If you’re developing against the Buyer API we recommend creating a test buyer company account and at least 1 test seller company account. This will allow you to load fake products into your buyer company and test the complete order flow.

Setting up Buyer Accounts

Newly created buyer company accounts are by default locked until billing information is added. In order to leverage additional buyer accounts for testing and development please signup using and send an email to mailto:[email protected] including the email you used to sign up and the company name you gave to the test account. Our support team will review your request and unlock the company.

Setting up Seller Accounts

If you’re looking to explore the Seller API then you do not need to make a buyer account and you do not need to reach out to us.


Test Orders as a Seller

Currently only buyer company accounts are able to create orders. If you are looking to test the order flow for your seller company then you will need to create a buyer company to partner with and then post orders with.

After you’ve created your account you’re all set to start inviting additional accounts you want to test with (e.g., a test seller account with fake products).


API Key Scoping

Currently API Keys are bound to user accounts meaning you can have dedicated API keys for different users.

However, we do not currently offer different permissions levels for API Keys.

What’s Next

Head over to our API reference documentation to find out how to interact with our endpoints!