The Convictional API lets you build onto our ecommerce platform. Here you will find our complete API reference along with guides and examples to follow. You can also test out each endpoint within this site, you just need to set up your API key.

Buyer and Seller APIs

Companies on the Convictional platform are either buyers or sellers. If your API client is acting on behalf of a buyer you should use the Buyer API endpoints. If you are acting on behalf of a seller, use the Seller API endpoints. The Shared API is available to everyone.


The Convictional API is not currently versioned. We are constantly improving our endpoints by adding new features and removing stale ones. This means breaking changes do happen occasionally. We monitor who uses our endpoints and work with each developer to make sure everyone has time to make changes. The best way to get ahead of changes is to email us at [email protected] and introduce yourself and your goals!