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From v2021-01-01 to v2022-03-03

This guide will walk you through migrating from API version 2021-01-01 to API version 2022-03-03

1. Update Version Header

Update all your Convictional requests with the new version header.

Accept: application/vnd.convictional.2022-03-03

2. Confirm Breaking Changes

Do you use any of the following Seller API endpoints? If so, then continue on to step 3. If not, then you're done!


Unlisted changes

Some unlisted endpoints have had breaking changes. If you use any unlisted endpoints please contact support for details.

3. Update Order Resource

In version 2022-03-03 we removed the following response fields from the Order resource. Locate all references to each removed field and replace it with the replacement field. If you already do not use any of the removed fields, then you're done!

Removed FieldReplacement FieldNotes
order.addressesorder.shippingAddress and order.billingAddressorder.addresses did not actually contain any addresses as it was always null.
order.chargeorder.invoiceorder.invoice has a different structure than order.charge.

For example, charge.raw.paid should be replaced with invoice.paid. Refer to the Order Resource for details. Be aware that order.invoice may be null.

The order.charge field is unused by orders created after Feb 2020.
order.codeorder.buyerOrderCodeExact match.
order.companyIdorder.sellerCompanyIdExact match. For even better future-proofing, migrate to use order.sellerCompanyObjectId instead (not an exact match).
order.dateorder.buyerCreatedDateExact match.
order.emailorder.buyerEmailExact match.
order.invoiceIdorder.invoice._idExact match. Be aware that order.invoice may be null.
order.parentCodeorder.sellerOrderCodeExact match.
order.partnerorder.buyerCompanyIdExact match. For even better future-proofing, migrate to use order.buyerCompanyObjectId instead (not an exact match).
order.tagsNoneorder.tags was always "".