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Breaking Change Log

A summary of breaking changes to the Convictional API.


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Breaking Change Release: Oct 17, 2022

These changes will be released for all clients, regardless of API version. You can access these changes in advance by including the HTTP Header Enable-New-Errors: true.


  1. For all API endpoints, the error response body is being updated to a consistent format.
  2. In cases where a 400 HTTP status code was returned we will sometimes return a 422 instead.

Current Error Format:

Our error response formats today are inconsistent, but the following is the most common:

    "error": "a message" 

New Error Format:

On October 17, all API endpoints will be updated to use the following error response format:

    "errors": { 
        "foo": [ 
            "a validation error message for field foo" 
        "bar": [
            "a validation error message for field bar"


  • The error field is renamed from "error" to "errors"
  • The error key "general" will be used if the error is not related to a parameter.


$ curl -s -X PATCH \
    -H 'Authorization: xxxxx' \
    -d '{"inventoryQuantity": -1}'

    "errors": {
        "inventoryQuantity": [
            "must be greater than 0"

Breaking Change Release: Aug 3, 2022

These changes will be released for all clients, regardless of API version.

For the GET /products and GET /products/:id endpoints we are changing the overall response body to use an envelope pattern to better align with the rest of our API. For GET /products/, the array of data will be found under "data". The responses as follows:

  "data": [
    { ...Product object...}

For the GET /products/:id, the response will be:

  "data": { ... Product Object ... }

All other changes will be updates to fields within the Product resource.

  • We are updating the product ID to be located at id instead of _id.
  • We are updating the inventory quantity on the variant to be inventoryQuantity instead of inventory_quantity.
  • We are updating the created field at the root of the Product to be createdAt instead.
  • We are updating the updated field at the root of the Product to be updatedAt instead.

Version 2022-03-03

Removed the following fields from the Order resource. See our migration guide for more details.

  • order.addresses
  • order.charge
  • order.code
  • order.companyId
  • order.invoiceId
  • order.parentCode
  • order.partner
  • order.tags

Impacted endpoints:


Unlisted Changes

Some unlisted endpoints have had breaking changes. If you use any unlisted endpoints please contact support for details.